Edinburgh: And I would walk 500 miles

When travelers talk about their favorite cities, the conversation can get boring pretty quickly.  Because each person has her or his subjective favorite places, of course.  And also because folks just naturally want to “out-do” each other with obscure cities … Continued

Unforgettable: 24/7 living on my BSP Mini Break in Rome and Switzerland

As magnificent as London was, the most incredible experience of my entire month abroad came in two different countries, within the same twenty-four timeframe. The clock starts ticking on Saturday July 21st, 2012 at around noon (5:00 a.m. Central Standard … Continued

Manchester United! (A grand day out!)

“Soccer” to Americans, is “Football”, or “Futbol” to the rest of the world.  It is the most popular sport played worldwide, and the World Cup is the longest and largest sporting event celebrated on the Globe!  Acknowledged by historians as … Continued

Like “active learning?” Bend it like Beckham dares you to try “the Aerial Assault”

When soccer superstar David Beckham would curve his shots on goal, it seemed like he was a magician with the foot.  His attacks were an aerial onslaught that confounded even the best goalkeepers in the world.  Our class likes to … Continued

British Studies: Your next steps to get abroad

Students who learn about British Studies and feel like the program is right for them will always want to know what their next steps should be on their journey toward London. There are plenty of answers to this question that … Continued

Dr. Phillips: Professor of Bend it Like Beckham!

People notice Dr. Dennis Phillip’s height right off when they see him for the first time.  And yet this giant of British Studies has more stature of the heart and soul than any measure of his verticality could show.  Any … Continued

Give Peace a Chance!

If life is a marathon, then Dr. Bob Sterken is well poised to go the distance. Not only is he a highly accomplished long-distance runner whose discipline is kept in balance by a regular yoga regimen, but his reach into … Continued

For Those About to Rock: BandCAMP London and Drew Young

Every campus has “rockstar” professors, or at least every good college campus does.  But in Professor Drew Young, British Studies literally has a rock star. And curiously, this isn’t true just because Drew has recorded so much fantastic music with … Continued