How will it change you?

You’re living and learning in London, a city of 8 million people from every corner of the world. Your courses have a British accent, and so do many of your instructors. As an undergrad or a graduate student, you’re researching a topic of your choice, in institutions few Americans ever have a chance to visit. Soon you’ll be off with your class doing field research for 4 days in Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, or wherever your professor and your class lead you. Then you’ll have time to continue your travels alone or with friends, for 5 days of discovering Europe on your own terms. Welcome to British Studies. Your world for 4 nonstop weeks.


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To walk across London is to travel through time and space. One minute you’re standing next to ancient Roman ruins, and the next, you’re on a street where the music you’ll hear everywhere tomorrow is being created today. Walking side by side with people from virtually every culture on earth, you’ll feel your horizons expanding with every step. As the folks you buy morning coffee from tell you about the lives they led in the Ukraine before coming to live on the Thames River’s South Bank, your new “global village.”  What’s missing?  Just you–walking under the moonlight and stars, to cross “your” river and bridge home from a play you dreamed of seeing since your childhood. And you, taking some reflective time to look at Big Ben’s tower on one of the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral just over there, on the other side.  While the rush of the salty river is drowned out by a flood of buses and rickshaws all around you, with Stamford Street and your dorm wait only steps away.  Do you turn in for the night or pop around to The Thirsty Bear in search of your new friends? That’s London calling. And that’s you answering.

How’s this for a change of address? Your new home for the summer will be right in the heart of historic London. The famous London Eye is just down the street. So are countless restaurants and pubs, convenience stores, pharmacies, and shops where you can purchase anything you need during your stay. Across the street is Waterloo Station, which has convenient Tube service to the furthest reaches of London and beyond. Just one block away is the River Thames and the celebrated West End theater district. Find any show you’ve ever wanted to see and go to it. Or discover where Shakespeare’s plays premiered in the time of Elizabeth I. All in a day’s walk, in a city where the world really is at your doorstep.

Accommodations include:

  • Secure access with 24-hour guard and surveillance
  • Single room with private bathroom and shower
  • Shared kitchen
  • Shared laundry facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fitness center access for the month at a minimal extra fee

Never been to London? We’ll help you get your bearings with a careful orientation that has been developed over the program’s 35-plus year history. During the first weekend of the program, you will sign up for as many as 3 different LondonALIVE! walks that will take you and a small group of fellow students out to explore an urban environment unlike anything you’ve met before.  All the while you will be meeting not just the dozen or so students who have signed up for your course, but also the15 or so different students together with whom you’ll be doing each of your LondonALIVE! walks.  Our plan is simple: in three days you will meet and explore London with at least 50 new people, all in small group configurations.  So the new city becomes yours, while some new friends do, too. The upshot? There will still be 150 other British Studies students waiting to meet you over the coming month!

Ever wonder what classrooms were like before PowerPoint, Blackboard and Wikipedia?  Come to London. The entire city will be your classroom. You’ll learn with your feet and all your senses, together with a small group of students like you.  So if Wi-Fi is down in the dorm tonight, who cares?  London is always up.


Your world is about to be rocked by a powerful British beat. Just as ideas that started in London have changed the world countless times, the ideas, perspectives and professors you’ll encounter here will change your world as no other academic experience can. London will be your classroom. One day you could be attending a lecture on the grounds of the Imperial War Museum, and the next you’ll be in Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms learning about the strategies developed here that ultimately defeated Nazi Germany.

Program details:


Wayfinding: Design and Navigation

If you’ve been lost in a city, you know how important signs and symbols are to navigating the urban landscape.  In London where many visitors rely on symbols to move through the city, you’ll learn how wayfinding uses design to help people find their way.

Wayfinding is a class that never stops.  From your arrival at Heathrow airport, you’ll be documenting signs, posters, information stations, and kiosks that make London’s wayfinding machine one of the world’s finest. During visits to the Tate Modern, the National Gallery and other key museums, you’ll see how maps and signage work in the context of some of the world’s most famous art collections. Your studies expand when visiting well-known London design studios, as you hear the creative process behind a successful system–from the typography chosen and visual hierarchy to how branding was used to promote the area–that brings ease of use and visual dynamics to neighborhood after neighborhood.  Every day, London will be our exciting classroom, as we embark on what we will call “type and design walks,” searching out famous street art and documenting memorials as we move together throughout the city.

Once you’ve experienced London, you’ll move on to France for four days of new wayfinding opportunities. From the village of Bayeux to the D-Day landing sites to the streets of Paris, you’ll experience the comparision and contrasts of how the design of wayfinding works in another culture.

Course details:

  • 6 credits in ART 499 or 599
  • Wayfinding Syllabus? It’s right back there, of course.
  • LondonAWAY! experience: Normandy for 2 nights and Paris for 2 nights
  • Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
  • Requirements: A camera you are comfortable using and instructor approval

Pictures of You:  The London EYE and Art Photography 

(This class is waitlist only for 2013 as of 15 March. Sign up for an alternative course and call 601-266-4344 to be placed on our waitlist in case someone drops.)

Get ready to capture the beauty, history and quirky everyday life of London on film. In addition to photographing the city’s well-known architectural masterpieces, daily walking tours will take you through quaint neighborhoods, palace gardens, and Dickens-like villages.  You’ll also tour London’s major art museums, including the Tate Modern, the National Gallery of Art, and the National Portrait Gallery. During LondonAWAY, you will take 4 days to live and learn in central Paris.  Every day you’ll hone your personal artistic vision, applying compositional techniques and design skills utilized by master artists to your work. You’ll be given individual and small-group assignments, and attend weekly instructor-led group critiques. At the end of the summer, you’ll present a complete portfolio of your work for a final critique, along with various written and oral assignments.  Finally, your best photographs will join those of your fellow artists/photographers from British Studies to constitute an art exhibition that will carry your viewpoints on London to colleges and universities all over the USA.

Course details:


Career Opportunities Are the Ones that Never Knock: Successful Business In The UK And Europe Today

Want to watch a prospective employer’s jaw drop? Tell them some of the insights you gained about international commerce by living in London and immersing yourself in an interdisciplinary course of business study there. In this course you’ll get a firsthand look at the economic engines of Britain and the European Union as you take both a macro and micro perspective on these potent sectors of the global economy.  While your eyes open to assess economic conditions, fiscal/monetary policy, international accounting regulations, and governmental structures in the UK and the EU, you’ll also learn about the impact of social and cultural factors on international management and marketing; methods of analyzing the impact of international market demand; and methods of managing human resources. Planned field excursions will allow you to observe the British and European systems at work, with visits to institutions like the Bank of England, UBS, Lloyd’s of London, Jaguar cars, the British Parliament, and the European Union in Brussels.  Supervised research will involve analysis of a current globalization issue or a comprehensive international business case study.  LondonAWAY will feature site visits in Brussels and Amsterdam.

Course details:


Shakespearience! Walk Where He Walked. Play Where He Played.

(This class is waitlist only for 2013 as of 15 March. Sign up for an alternative course and call 601-266-4344 to be placed on our waitlist in case someone drops.)

Shakespeare is alive and well, and on stage every night in London.  In this course, you’ll follow in The Bard’s footsteps through the South Bank neighborhood that was his home. You’ll explore the newly uncovered sites of the Rose and Curtain Theatres, attend a traditional performance of Shakespeare at the Globe Theater, visit museums, historical sites and other performances, and share insights with experts and other students as you unearth the world Shakespeare knew and loved.

Shakespeare’s London is just the prelude. You’ll travel to his hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon and talk with actors and experts from the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company. You’ll journey to Edinburgh, Scotland, where you’ll study the politics, dark conspiracies and witchcraft of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in the ancient Dalkeith manor. Finally, your Shakespearience will come full circle back in London. As you see glimpses of even older worlds from before Shakespeare’s time, you’ll come to understand how the presence of that deeper past can offer you a way to calibrate the many worlds, and words, of this titanic literary figure.

Course details:

The London Underground: Exposing the Other Side of Victorian London

(This class is waitlist only for 2013 as of 15 March. Sign up for an alternative course and call 601-266-4344 to be placed on our waitlist in case someone drops.)

When you think of Victorian London, you may think more of high tea than of low life. You may imagine witty ladies and gents rather than sneaky criminals and detectives. You may picture a prim and proper world rather than one that is seedy and scandalous. In this course, we’ll investigate the sinister and enthralling underbelly of Victorian London through its depictions in Victorian novels, short stories, and journalism. We’ll read of monsters roaming city streets, Holmes and Watson solving unsolvable crimes, a poor girl striving to become A Little Princess, and Dorian Gray descending into London’s squalid shadows. By visiting the Fleet Street of Sweeney Todd and delving into Alan Moore’s London-set graphic novels, we’ll also explore why Victorian London continues to inspire current writers.

We’ll aim to understand London as a character—not just as the setting—of Victorian literature. Charles Dickens loved walking the streets and witnessing the “restlessness of a great city.” We’ll absorb that “great city” by joining a Jack the Ripper walking tour, exploring the grand Victoria and Albert Museum, and visiting Victorian landmarks that still exist today. Just as Dickens contrasts two great European cities—London and Paris—in his classic novel A Tale of Two Cities, we’ll cross the channel to compare London to the famed city of lights and love during our four days of LondonAWAY!

Will you keep all of the Victorians’ secrets after a summer of digging deeply into their hiding places?  Perhaps…

Course details:

Beatrix and Other Potters: Classics Of Children’s British Literature (NOT being taught until 2014)

Here’s your chance to experience firsthand the inspiration for some of the world’s most famous children’s stories. You’ll read literary classics, visit the places where they were written, and attend presentations by noted British specialists. You’ll visit fantasy sites in Oxford associated with Lewis Carroll, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien and Harry Potter; cross Pooh Bridge in Milne’s Ashdown Forest; find traces of Long John Silver in Stevenson’s Edinburgh; and look for Peter Rabbit in Potter’s Lake District. In London, you’ll explore the appeal of Dick Whittington to city apprentices; visit Kensington Garden to understand how J. M. Barrie could see Peter Pan in the magical park across the street; walk about the maritime world of Greenwich Village; visit the Old Royal Observatory and experience a child’s wonder of having a foot in each hemisphere at the Greenwich Meridian, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn how various texts are constructed as literature that reflects historical, cultural and psychological realities.  You’ll also enjoy the most stunning classrooms of a lifetime, as your pathway of learning stretches North from London through the Lake District to Edinburgh for four days of LondonAWAY.

Course details:

  • 6 credits in ENG 497 or 597
  • LondonAWAY! experience: Edinburgh for 4 nights
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor


Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat: A History Of World War II

In this far-ranging course, you’ll have a rare opportunity to study World War II, the pivotal event of the 20th Century, from a European perspective. You’ll experience the war where history was made, with lectures by distinguished British historians, including professors from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Areas of concentration include the fall of France, the Battle of Britain, the Russian Front, women at war, the Holocaust, and Operation Overlord, the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

You’ll journey across the English Channel to the beaches of Normandy and then onto Paris, for a four-day study of the D-Day battle sector and the liberation of Paris, tracing the footsteps of American soldiers inland to ultimate victory. In London, your “classrooms” will include the Cabinet War Rooms where Winston Churchill directed the British war efforts, and the Imperial War Museum. You’ll also take a day-long trip out of the city to walk through the British history of warfare, starting with a climb to the Celtic hillfort at Cisbury Ring, then moving on to the Roman fort at Portchester, and finally touring the Victory, Admiral Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

This course gives you the chance to meet World War II through the eyes of those who lived it, as you conduct your own primary research in the Public Record Office or the Imperial War Museum. There you will design your own research plan, perhaps using Churchill’s letters to study how battlefield strategies evolved, or using the letters of everyday Londoners to understand the terrible era of the Blitz.

Course details:

Interior Design & Geography

Wonderwall(s): Knowing London and Paris Inside and Out

How did London and Paris, two of the greatest global cities on Earth, become what they are today? This fascinating course, co-taught by professors of architectural engineering technology and cultural geography, will take you through layers of time to see how the city has been designed and redesigned through history. Focusing on scales as minute as a single dwelling and as extensive as London and Paris’ metropolitan regions, you’ll gain an authentic introduction to the city as a spatial construct and an urban system.

You will explore London, retracing old Roman Londinium, discovering hidden medieval pathways, and learning the origins of the city’s famous districts and boroughs. A short trip up the River Thames will take you to grand estates where the nobility of centuries past lived in idyllic splendor. You will tour landscapes of sport and leisure in Hyde Park. As a participant in the everyday “urban drama,” you’ll visit open-air markets, which have supplied Londoners with food and entertainment for centuries. You’ll meet locals in a pub and peek inside the doors of an elite social club, and you’ll explore the history of the British home through visits to some of London’s finest historic and contemporary residences.

Just when some of London’s greater secrets have come to seem obvious to you, Wonderwalls(s) will change up the game and take you to France.  There you will spend two days studying how the ruins of the the ruins of the D-Day battlefield area have been developed since 1944 to become a commercial landscape of memory and memorialization.  With Omaha Beach and the American Battlefield Cemetery as just some of your classrooms, you will look closely at how modern pilgrimage sites rely on geography and design to convey their meaning and give them a powerful voice.  Then in Paris, you will compare how another great European city has developed since the 1800s, both inside and out.

Wrapping up the course and your month in Britain, you will take a fresh look at contemporary London as one of the most diverse cities in Europe. Local experts will help you visualize the future of London and how urban planners today are addressing the social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 21st Century.

Course details:

Mass Communication

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory: British Journalism And Social Media Today

From racy tabloids to the raucous commentary that often sparks legal action, British media has it all. In this course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the world’s most influential media market, all the while tweeting, blogging and podcasting your discoveries to the world.

As a mobile journalist, you’ll compile a body of work online as you develop and stretch your practical, academic and technology skills in one of Europe’s most exciting cities.  Your lectures and behind-the-scenes tours will give you an insider’s perspective of this rapidly changing industry and its stark differences from American journalism. You’ll analyze Britain’s news coverage, public relations practices, advertising policies, and the pros and cons of each. Then you’ll journey to Dublin for LondonAWAY! for a firsthand look at Ireland’s developing online media companies.

In four nonstop weeks, you’ll gain a nuanced understanding of the global news marketplace, while your hands-on use of the technologies driving mass communication today helps you acquire marketable experience that will impress any future employer. Come to London and break open a sensational story this summer!

Course details:

Library Science

To Thy Known Shelf Be True: Library Science and Information Studies In Historical and Contemporary Britain

(This class is waitlist only for 2013 as of 15 March. Sign up for an alternative course and call 601-266-4344 to be placed on our waitlist in case someone drops.)

Here’s your chance to really immerse yourself in the “sceptred isle” of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Jane Austen and J.K. Rowling. You’ll walk in the footsteps of your literary heroes, and along the way you’ll explore some of the world’s most famous libraries, archives and special collections.

Your course will be taught by distinguished British information specialists, who’ll take you to renowned sites around London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Edinburgh. As part of your coursework, you’ll write about your experiences in an online journal, and conduct your own research on an approved topic related to your studies.

Undergraduate and graduate students alike routinely review this course as the most important career choice of their lives. You will likely say the same.  Because not only will you gain a professional knowledge about what UK and EU specialists in library and informational studies consider to be the very highest practices and standards in your field, but, in your spare time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for independent exploration all over London and Edinburgh. (The British Library, British Museum, take Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the National Theatre are all easy walks from where you will make your summer home.)

From London to your 4 day exploration of Edinburgh, let the royal repositories and storied private collections of the UK give your career as an information specialist a pedigree that will be yours to relish for a lifetime.

Course details:

Music Industry

For Those About To Rock: Band Camp, London!

Do you love bands and the music business?  Are you always looking for new festivals to hit?  Do you enjoy trolling around for vintage gear or new effects?  Then you already know that music is a passion you can turn into a career. Whether your goal is recording, performing, engineering, producing, marketing or publishing, Band Camp will give you the real-world tools and experience to take your first steps onto the stage as a music industry professional.

From Camden Town punk clubs to the storied music emporiums of Denmark Street, you will begin to put the map of London and its entertainment geography into your own back pocket.  So that you can prowl the city with your professor and fellow students looking for the next big acts you think will be breaking big.  While you also log serious studio and rehearsal time as you work to perform and record music made by students and highly talented locals.

The rest of British Studies may sleep at night.  But Band Camp meets when and where it must.  So during LondonAWAY! be ready to really see and feel what 24-7 living and learning amounts to, when Amsterdam and a world-famous recording studio become your heart and soul for a grueling and unforgettable 4 days and nights.

Course details:

Political Science

Give Peace A Chance: World Politics And Social Justice In Our Times

Armed conflicts, terrorism, poverty, human rights abuses, economic development, international trade, and climate change are just a few of the issues facing world leaders today. In this course, you’ll explore these challenges from a global perspective and learn about activities by international organizations to address them.

Through lectures and site visits in London and Amsterdam, you’ll gain an understanding of the unique role played by Great Britain in the international community, and why London is a hub for global politics. You’ll learn firsthand from scholars, policy experts, government officials, diplomats, and representatives from international organizations such as the European Union, Amnesty International, NATO, Greenpeace, Oxfam and the World Bank. And you’ll go behind the scenes at offices of international organizations, British government institutions, embassies and research centers in London and Amsterdam

Course details:


Helter/Skelter: Psychopathology In The UK

(This class is waitlist only for 2013 as of 15 March. Sign up for an alternative course and call 601-266-4344 to be placed on our waitlist in case someone drops.)

There are skeletons rattling in closets all across London, and you’ll find plenty of them in this class. Historic home to the notorious Jack-the-Ripper, London has also been the birthplace of many advances in modern psychology, just as it was long the home of Sigmund Freud.

In this class, you’ll dive deeply into the dark side of this “stiff upper-lipped” island from three angles: Criminal Profiling, Addictive Behaviors, and the History of Psychiatry and Medicine.  In the Criminal Profiling section you’ll visit the Center of Investigative Psychology at the University of Huddersfield, studying The Ripper, Burke & Hare, and recent high-profile cases in the UK and the United States. Your Addictive Behaviors unit will focus on the National Addiction Research Centre, contrasting the traditional American 12-step treatment model with others (like Harm Reduction), which are more popular in the UK.  Finally, the History of Psychiatry and Medicine will take you inside historic psychiatric institutions such as Bethlem Royal Hospital (Bedlam), The York Retreat, and psychiatric and medical museums including the Wellcome Institute and the Freud Museum.

Beyond London, you’ll study in Edinburgh, Scotland for four days, as your LondonAWAY experience opens up more new perspectives for you on the field of psychopathology.  Then your focus will fix on developing a totally original research design related to your course’s themes, which you will complete upon returning home from British Studies.

Course details:


Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me: British Culture and Society

This course will open your eyes to a world few Americans ever see. You’ll get an insider’s perspective on the British government, education system, family life, religion, social class, population trends, the military, the monarchy, sports and economics. You’ll explore historic sites such as the Houses of Parliament, old London’s east side, the Docklands, Canterbury, Cambridge, the National Gallery, the British Museum, Stratford-upon-Avon, and every step of the way, you’ll gain insights into the remarkable diversity of British culture and society.

As you also find answers to questions that many well traveled and educated people won’t even bother to ask.  (Why are the most stunning churches in the world almost always void of people?  How does a government function without a written constitution? Why are Wimbledon champions only allowed to wear white?  And why does every grave of a fallen British soldier have at least one rose planted in front of it? )

You will never look at your own country again through the same eyes, once you’ve seen the UK as you will in this class.  The sun was never supposed to set on this empire either, and yet it did. Leaving this people, their society and their mighty rock of an island no choice but to regroup, rebuild and learn to thrive in a world that wasn’t theirs anymore to dominate.

Course details:

  • 6 credits in SOC (Culture) 499 or 599
  • LondonAWAY! experience: Normandy Beaches and Paris for 2 nights
  • To review the syllabus for Rock of Ages, click here; to review the class schedule and calendar for Rock of Ages, click here
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
  • To explore the iconic English hymn “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me,” click here

Back in Black: Race and the Afro-British Way to the World

Which English queen was of African descent? Which Roman emperor was born and raised in Africa and buried in Britain? What 3,500-year old African monument is erected on the north bank of the Thames River in London? The answers will rock your world and change your perception of what it means to be black and European.

This multi-disciplinary course focuses on the experiences of African and Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK from WW II to today. You’ll immerse yourself in the contemporary British social debate on race and identity, the relevance of the phenomena to the African diaspora, and the impact of the phenomena on the global community.

Your course will take you across London to former Afro-British communities including Brixton, Notting Hill, Tottenham and Elephant and Castle. During the London Away session, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the African presence and enduring impact in either Amsterdam or Paris.

Course details:


Sport Management

Bend it Like Beckham: The UK Business of Global Sport Management

You think that people in the United States love sports?  After your summer in London, our fans will look like a bunch of amateurs. In England, real football fans pay to have their ashes entombed inside of their favorite “home” stadium!

In this class, you’ll learn what makes sport tick so profitably in the UK. You’ll get the inside story on British sports management from the people who have made it their lives. Your classrooms could be the stadium homes of football teams like Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United, or Wembley Stadium, where great wins and devastating losses have defined entire lifetimes for UK football fans. Other sites you’ll explore include Lord’s Cricket Grounds, Twickenham Rugby Stadium, the headquarters of MLB Europe and NFL Europe, and ‘the Old Course” at St. Andrews, not far from where you’ll spend the four days of your LondonALIVE!  You’ll also tour highly profitable niche businesses, like the world’s largest indoor climbing arena, where you may have sufficient guts to assess whether the famed “Aerial Assault” zip line could become a new export to the USA.

Course details:


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Your travels are just beginning when you land in London. During the program, you will have many opportunities to travel and explore the world on your own, and as part of your coursework on British Studies.  WeekendEXPLORE! will come around to end your first week in London.  Only you know where that long weekend will take you.  Then LondonAWAY! will usher in the start of your third week on British Studies. You will have four more days with your class to do field work in a UK or EU city that will make your facebook status updates look ridiculous.  And finally there’s you mini break: five days to live how and where your wanderlust leads you.  British Studies students love Italy for mini break, but plenty also enjoy Ireland, Scotland, France or Spain. Where do your boots want to walk?  Just go there.

Your first week in England will end before you know it, and then you will have a chance to see what wanderlust is all about.  From Thursday afternoon on, you will have a continent of choices to make.  Here are some of the WeekendEXPLORE experiences students routinely enjoy:

  • Visit Paris with a fantastic group of BSP students and a half dozen professors for an organized, supplemental three day weekend in the City of Light. (275 Sterling or about $375)
  • Journey to Stonehenge, Bath, Dover and Canterbury on an organized, supplemental British Studies trip ($45/trip)
  • Plan your own travel to easy-to-visit European cities like Amsterdam, Dublin or Barcelona
  • Stay in London and stage your own British invasion

Your third week on British Studies starts early Sunday morning. When you and your class wake up and roll out of town with your gear on your back or in your suitcase.  Depending on your class and the destination your professor has selected, you may take a train, a coach, a ferry or possibly even a plane to get where you’re going. Because as much as you’ve learned in London, you’re about to learn still more on LondonAWAY! For the next 4 nights, your home will be another great UK or European city like Edinburgh, Paris, the D-Day beaches of Normandy, Dublin or Amsterdam, depending on which British Studies course you’re taking.  In your new city by Sunday afternoon, you’ll start to learn vital counterpoints to what London has shown you so far.  And in the process? Be ready to fall in love all over again with another world-class city!

Your LondonAWAY! experience will end on the Wednesday (late afternoon) of your third British Studies week. After that, you’ll have 5 nights to set your own course and choose your own places to go before returning to London to finish the program’s last week.  Set your compass with care and choose your travel partners with the same, because these 5 nights are yours to plan, enjoy and then live to your very fullest!  Always wanted to see the Swiss Alps?  Go: flights and trains are easy to manage, and the towering mountains will literally floor you.  Or maybe you’ve wondered how a Mediterranean beach might help your faded tan back to life? Never fear, because the Spanish, French, and Italian coastal towns are waiting for you with a fresh towel, pricey sunscreen and a cold drink.  Mini break is YOUR time. Go out and make it epic.

Pricing & Dates

The British-Studies-Program-Financial-Aid-Worksheet for 2013 is available to view and print here

Your investment in British Studies will pay you back a lifetime’s worth of professional and personal dividends. Do you ever wonder how people you admire got ahead in the first place? Ask them. Most will tell you that they worked harder  and did more than their peers to achieve their success. In today’s globally connected world, that means having British Studies on your resume as something you did to double down on yourself when you had the chance and were able to seek financial aid or scholarships to help pave the way forward to your brave, new world.

Please note: your application must be filed and your deposit sent or called in no later than 25 April. British Studies roster spots are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so applications filed later in the spring will reduce your chances of securing a roster spot in your first-choice class. Apply early to assure you first-choice class. 

The 2013 program costs $7499 for undergraduate credit and $7799 for graduate credit and includes the following elements.

  • Program deposit ($250)
  • Roundtrip international airfare
  • Tuition for 6 hours
  • Housing in London
  • Shared use of a kitchen in London
  • LondonAWAY! outbound transportation
  • Housing during LondonAWAY!
  • Required museum visits, theater events and other academic activities
  • Required academic excursions

Additionally, most students spend an extra $3000 on average to fund:

  • Meals
  • WeekendEXPLORE Travel
  • Mini-Break Travel
  • Books and supplies
  • Incidentals, gifts

Your $250 non-refundable deposit and completed application must be filed no later than 25 April.  NOTE: British Studies roster spots are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, so applications filed later in the spring will reduce your chances of securing a roster spot in your first-choice class. Apply early to assure you first-choice class.


27 / Thursday
Group flights depart US to arrive the next morning
28 / Friday
Arrive in London; Room check-in; faculty led neighborhood tours
29 / Saturday
ACADEMIC DAY: First class meetings at 9:00 AM; Orientation at 11:00 AM; LondonALIVE at 2:00 PM
30 / Sunday
LondonALIVE – Morning or Afternoon


1 / Monday
ACADEMIC DAY; Welcome Reception 6:00 PM
2-4 / Tuesday–Thursday
ACADEMIC DAYS (weekendEXPLORE begins Thursday at 4:00PM with ParisWeekding departure)
5-7 / Friday–Sunday
NON-ACADEMIC DAYS; weekendEXPLORE/Day Trips and/or Independent travel
8-12 / Monday–Friday
13 / Saturday
NON-ACADEMIC DAY; Pack up and prepare to move out of rooms for LondonAWAY
14-17 / Sunday–Wednesday
18-21 / Thursday–Sunday
22 / Monday
Non-Academic Day: Mini-break ends/ Check back into Stamford Street housing,10:00 AM and 5:00 PM
23-26 / Tuesday–Friday
25 / Thursday
ACADEMIC DAY: Research Symposium at 6:00 PM
27 / Saturday
ACADEMIC DAY: Final Exams in the morning; Pack up
28 / Sunday
Departure by coach


If you have any immediate questions about applying to British Studies:

USM International Programs Office: 601-266-4344

If you or your parents have questions about British Studies before, during or after the program or to send us your deposit check and/or transcript:

USM International Programs Office: 601-266-4344:

Fax: 601-266-5699